The information that follows will assist us in getting your website started for you.

STEP 1: Prep Work on your part

Please provide for us an estimate of the number and names of web pages you would like on your website ["home" page, "about us" page, "contact" page, etc] along with your logo [in PNG or JPG format] and any forms [in MS Word or PDF format] that you need on the site. Let us know if you have a preferrred color scheme as well [navy/gold, black/red, etc.]. From this information, we will put together a no-obligation sample home page for you that you can review and decide if you would like to go forward.

If you would like to view some of our current customers' websites to get some ideas, have a look at our portfolio.

STEP 2: Securing a domain name

A domain name is a unique name [e.g.] which people use to access your website. Having your own domain name is highly recommended as it helps to raise your organization's profile. You can use it for your website and email (e.g., regardless of who your ISP [Internet Service Provider] or website hosting company is, either now or in the future.

A domain name can be purchased through countless numbers of companies that offer it. You can purchase the domain name yourself, or we can do this for you. The domain name that you purchase should always be in YOUR NAME. When you purchase a domain name, you will get a user name [a.k.a. user id] and a password from the company you register with. Be sure to keep this information in a secure place as it will be needed later to set up your hosting account.

We recommend securing your domain name through The cost for you to buy a domain name through them is $13.95 per year, renewable yearly. We are not a partner with, we simply find this company very easy to work with when our clients secure a domain name through them.

The bottom line about domain names is this: If you want a domain name, the time to get it is NOW [if it is available] even if you don't want a website at this time. If you wait, it may not be available at a later time.

Domain Name Guidelines are available to you by clicking here

If you already have purchased a domain name you can have your website hosted with any hosting company you choose. Sometimes you may not get the results you had hoped from your host and you may want to switch hosts. When switching to a new host, the domain name simply has to be pointed to the new hosting site; it does NOT need to be transfered to the hosting company. The domain name can be pointed to the new host by you or us by logging into your domain name account and inputting the correct DNS [Domain Name Servers] information. A 'propagation' period of 24-72 hours is required before the switch becomes official.

STEP 3: Design the Website

At Taylor Applications, LLC we know that a website defines you and your small business or organization. That's why we take the time to design a site that you customize. We can build you a website that includes a balance of graphics, text, and color that will help you promote your business or cause. We build your website with three things in mind - Organization, Content, and Appearance.

It's now time to consider the following . . .

Your site's organization is important because it can make it easier or more difficult for your visitors to find what they're looking for. A common mistake is for people to know what they want the site to do for them, but not for their visitors. Sites like this are useless unless just making yourself happy is enough. If your site is for a company or group, and you need it to actually do something, then you must figure out what you want it to do for both you and your visitors.

Once you know what you want your site to accomplish, it's simple to start to create an organization for your site that helps you accomplish that goal.

To assist you with the organization or layout of your website, please see our portfolio of current clients.

Creating effective content which includes text, graphics, and other information for your site requires that you've already figured out the purpose of your site, and perhaps even the organization of your site.

To this end, your website should

  • Provide useful information.
    Most people use the web to find information that they can actually use. Unless your site is for entertainment purposes, make sure that your readers will find your information useful. This means useful for them instead of just useful for you.

  • Be Specific.
    The more specific, the more useful. General overview information is fine, and can be extremely helpful. But when people want to act on the information you provide don't just give them a hint, give them all the information they require in order to act, right then and there. Make sure people know what your site and each page will do for them. Keep it short so that people can see what they'll get from you without scrolling. People will scroll, but only if they think there's something of interest to them on your page.

    It doesn't matter how dazzling your Website looks if you don't have good, clear copy that appeals to your readers' basic desires and is easy to read.

    If your site doesn't have good text, then you don't really have a Web site. Websites are about saying something that's important to you and to your site's visitors. Keep in mind that the way you say something can be as important as what you say. The tone and style of your writing can say as much about you as the topics you cover.

    Navigation is such an important part of any good Web site that you need to think about it from the start. Your site visitors need to know how to get to the information they're looking for and how to get from one part of your site to another.

    Navigation should be consistent from page to page, so your visitors don't have to figure out how to get places every time they encounter a new page.

    STEP 4: Set up the Hosting Account

    Taylor Applications, LLC will set up the hosting account for you. We are NOT a web hosting company. Rather, we manage your hosting through our affiliate. We handle all the logistics of having and maintaining a website for you. When your website is ready to be launched, we upload your files to your host server, set up your e-mail accounts, create form mail and much more - all at a very affordable price.

    Our price to manage the hosting of your website is $225 per year, renewable yearly. If you purchase hosting through us, we design your website [5 page maximum] FREE OF CHARGE. We don't think you'll find a better deal!

    As part of your hosting account, the setup of e-mail addresses using your domain name is configured.

    Updating your website for you [also known as Website Maintenance] is not including with hosting. Once your website is set-up, making changes to the existing pages is your responsibilty.

    NEXT STEP [ongoing]: Maintain the website as needed

    Once your website is up and running, you will be able to use your Control Panel to update the text of your website. Along with a step-by-step tutorial, we provide you with a User Name and Password to login and make the desired changes. If you have any trouble, we'll be there to walk you through it.

    You also have the option of hiring us to maintain your site. If you prefer us to update your website for you, we do so on an as-needed basis and bill you quarterly.

    For changes to your website other than simple text, it is highly recommended that you allow us to handle it for you. We can add photos, additional web pages, etc. for a nominal fee.