You can register a domain name yourself with any domain registration company. Be sure to keep your paperwork so that the hosting plan from us can be configured to work with the domain name .

Registering a domain name does not automatically activate a website that displays when visitors enter your domain name into a Web browser. The domain name must have a hosted website that includes a numeric address, called an IP address, for visitors to access the website using your domain name.

Your domain name and its associated IP address are stored in a common database along with every other domain and associated IP address that are accessible via the Internet.

When visitors enter your domain name into a Web browser, the browser request uses your domain name to find the domain name's associated IP address and, therefore, the website. People use domain names instead of IP addresses because it is easier to remember a name rather than a series of numbers.

We suggest that you register your domain name through The charge is $13.95 per year per domain name. You have the option to register or re-register your domain name for one year or multiple years. We are not compensated in any way by; we recommend using them simply because we find working with them to be an easy process.

When registering your domain name, the e-mail address used with the registration needs to be an active and valid one as so that you will be notified when the renewal date approaches. The valid e-mail address associated with your domain name also allow you to in transfer it to another registar or to switch your hosting provider if you so choose.

The e-mail address on file with them should not be the domain name you have registered with them. If your domain name expires, that e-mail address would be invalid and unusable. Use a personal e-mail address instead - your gmail, aol, yahoo, optonline, verizon e-mail account are all acceptable.

Keeping your domain name active is of the utmost importance. Do not underestimate the importance of renewing it. If you currently have a web site or email that is working on the web, and you forget to renew your domain name, all those services that you depend on to do business will stop working when your domain name expires. To avoid this, please renew ASAP.

So don't let your website be nameless. Register your domain name so that people can easily find you on the web. In addition, you'll be proud to advertise your business or organization with its own unique name!

Already got a website using a free service? Well, now's the time to get a domain name to go with it. Taylor Applications, LLC can help you register your domain name and point that name to your existing website. Your cost? Only $39.00 per year!

Guidelines for choosing your "Domain Name" . . .

Before you starting thinking of a name, consider these technical requirements:

A domain name can be up to 67 characters long, including the extension, such as .com, at the end.

The name can include numbers and all letters of the alphabet, but not special characters such as @, #, $, ?, etc.

The exception is hyphens ( - ), but they can't occur at the beginning or end of the name.

No spaces can be used within a name.

A domain name is not case is the same as

Choosing the Name That's Right For You . . .

With millions of domain names already taken, finding the name of your dreams may be impossible. But with some creativity and flexibility, you can still find a good one. The name you ultimately select really depends on how you plan to use it.

Let's say you want a name for a family website. Perhaps is already taken. Alternatives include and

While most domain names end with .com, you're not restricted to this. You can also register names ending in .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us

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