There are three options for you when you want to use photos in conjunction with your website:

1. If you want your website visitors to see photos associated with your website, the easiest way and most inexpensive way is to upload the photos to an 'outside source' website such as the social networking site and simply "link" to them from one of your website's pages. Taylor Applications,LLC will create this link from your website free of charge.

2. If you prefer to not use an outside source, and if you would like a photo gallery page as one of the pages of your website [click here to view sample, we can create this for you. Maintenance charges would apply.

3. If you prefer to not use an outside source and want to create your own photo pages, you will need to know how crop and upload the photos to your website. You will also need to know some web programming language.

For option #3, the information below is intended to assist you in uploading PHOTOS to your website.

Because saved changes to your website overwrite orginal files, once you update your website, Taylor Applications, LLC™ is no longer responsible for its original content.

If you prefer that Taylor Applications, LLC™ maintain your website, please contact us for pricing.


Note: Before adding any photos to your website, you may first want to "crop" the photos down to a manageable size.

1. Login to your control panel by going to or by clicking here

and enter your username and password. Contact us if you have forgotten your username and/or password

2. Next, click on the "file manager" icon - it looks like this:

3. You are now at the FileManager screen

4. In the left-hand column [marked "Manage Files & Directories", locate the small "root" folder - it looks like this: []

5. Under this "root directory" folder will be two other folders - one marked "public_html" and the other one marked "stats"

6. Double-click the "public_html" folder icon and the list of all your website folders and files will appear in column 2.

7. Directly under the the column heading "Manage Files & Directories" are four [4] icons - click on the far-left icon [it's a small blue folder with a red & yellow circular star]

8. You are now directed to enter the new "Directory Name". Insert a directory name for your photos [example: photos2010]

9. You are now ready to add your photos to this new directory

10. To add photos, click the folder with the name of the directory in which you want to store them [example: photos2010]

11. Now add the photos by clicking on the "blue Up arrow" icon in column 2 - it looks like this: [] You will be prompted to "browse" to locate the photos on your computer, cd or flash drive, etc.

12. Continue to "browse" for each photo you wish to add. Once you are finished, click the "upload" button to send the photos to the directory.

At this point, you have only uploaded the photos. You now need to add the "HTML" code to make them appear on the web page/s of your choice.

Below is a screen shot of a webpage from your control panel. If you were to insert the code [colored in red below], the photo that you named 01.jpg in the directory you created named photos2010 would show up on your page!

<title>Title of Your Website</title>
<STYLE type=text/css>A:link {
A:visited {
A:hover {
<body background="images/bg.gif">

<img src="photos2010/01.jpg"> <!!!!--END TEXT--!!> </body> </html>