If you have a billing question, call or e-mail us prior to the due date of your bill. Failure to resolve your issues prior to your due date could result in the termination of your hosting or domain name services.


Identification: Any invoice for any website-related service from Taylor Applications, LLC will have our logo and contact information clearly visible on it. Be aware of possible scams. If you make an erroneous payment to an individual or company, we cannot assist you in any way to recoup your losses. Feel free to contact us if you get correspondence from someone other than us requesting a payment in question with regards to your website.

Domain Name Registration: This charge is usually reserved for organizations, covers the cost of registering your chosen domain name for a period of 12 months. Multi-year registration is available upon request.

Domain Name Re-registration: This charge also is usually reserved for organizations and covers the cost of renewing your chosen domain name after your current term nears its expiration date. Again, multi-year registration is available upon request.

Website Design [or Re-design] & Development: This charge includes the creation of all the files that make up your website - the various pages, graphics, Flash design, etc. that we create for you. It also includes all the logistics of setting up your hosting account, uploading your files to the host server via FTP, and configuring your e-mail account[s].

Managed Hosting: This charge includes providing your website space on a third-party host server so that it is viewable via the Internet. In additon, this charge covers the cost of providing you personal access to your website via a 'Control Panel' so that you can update your website.

Website Maintenance: This charge appears only if you use us to maintain your website and covers the cost of adding text, additional pages, photos and other applications to your website. However, most maintenance is billed separately each quarter.

Payment Methods: You can pay your invoice by either of the following methods:

By Mail: You can mail your check or money order to: Taylor Applications, LLC, P.O. Box 501, Windsor, NJ 08561

Online: Taylor Applications, LLC accepts PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover Card. Please let us know that you prefer to pay online because we first have to create an online invoice link for you. Please note that there is a $5.00 transaction fee to pay online.

Payment Terms: Your invoice is due 14 from the date that appears on your invoice.

Return Check Charge: If, for any reason, your check is returned to us from the bank, a service charge of $25.00 will be added to your invoice.